Important updates regarding the English helpers team

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1. Marina,

Hello everyone,

First of all I am happy to welcome our new English helpers, Lemonade and Snake_eyes to the team. They have been a great and valuable addition, and hopefully this will make moderation and help offered in the English part more efficient and more available during different times of the day.

We have also updated the English rules, since they were outdated compared to the French version. So I recommend you to check them out from here:

Now I would like to take the opportunity to remind you of some general information regarding moderation.
Firstly, please do not hesitate to use the block and banning tools you dispose of. You do not have to send us each and every single offense if the situation is manageable. It is preferable to rather send repeated offenses, or something that is in a public table, racism threats or such serious matters. Please do not send us personal fights where a person insulted you and it could have probably be solved by simply blocking the person in question.
Moreover, you can send us a history report, of a game or discussion by pressing f9, and choosing send history report. it is treated as permanent messages so you can send it at any time of the day, but you should do it as soon as the offense occurs since it works exactly like the save history feature, it only sends us your history since you have entered the playroom not earlier. This feature is the only accepted method to send us a history for credibility purposes since copy pasting could be easily edited.
Please remember that sending a history report does not save you from being warned or punished as well if you are at fault, so never take this as a shelter.
Lastly, I would also like to remind you that we are very aware of the English part particularity in the playroom when it comes to other languages, and in many occasions, actually in most occasions we allow foreign languages as free table topics or statuses, unless they are reported to us for violating any rule. Unfortunately we don't have a reliable method to check this, so we simply try our best to figure out what it means and request them to be changed as an extra precaution.

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