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61. YNWA,

Changing the colours Black to white works nicely and isn't too much trouble to find and I like the big Orange cursor. I would keep the original print size and brightness as the same as version 2.

Now I have a bit more time to comment on a previous post that complained about looking at the background colour of the PR. It is suggested that if people are looking at a computer for an hour they should take a 5 minute break to rest the eyes or do something different. I was told that a big issue for those that suffer from migraines is scrolling text. For the PR this is an unavoidable issue but I do wander if even for sighted people having
to look at such tiny print could cause long-term issues. I Can't say I am an expert but I do know in the past that a teacher did require glasses due to reading our braille essays in English and that was less than a year... and this is why I suggest what I said above. I know people can change them but not everybody will as some will just not bother with altering the settings.

Wile I am here I briefly went through the helpers new help Q & A. Most was very good but you wouldn't want to read through everything to find the thing you require. I am not sure what the helpers are able to do, so I will make 2 suggestions.

a: Have a list of the questions and press enter on the question you want more info on.

B: Have a list of the question and expand the question if you want more info or less if you want to shut it again.

With either options it would make it easier to have different lines for each step that needs to be taken to change a feature.

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62. Nikola,

@Aminiel yes, longest move of 23 seconds sounds fine and indeed better than how it was in the first V3 beta. Thanks for your work.
Just in case you missed it, I have also edited that post a little later to talk about two additional bugs, namely when using left and right arrows to navigate between card suits not working correctly and regarding restoring default settings also being broken.

A question, what's the use for the new option to use tooltips in general settings? Is it primarily for sighted users? With screen readers it just causes items to be repeated unnecessarily, so I'm assuming the answer is yes.

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63. Aminiel,

Glad that you like the new dark setting.

However, I don't know well what more I could do. Now you can change all fonts and colors. If you're too lazy to change the settings, that's probably no longer my problem.
Have I misunderstood something ?

For your suggestions about the FAQ, helpers aren't able to do what you suggest currently.
I would need to upgrade forum formatting to real markdown and need to add an extension to support expandable/collapsable text.
Nevertheless, that's a very good suggestion. Maybe I'll do it later after 3.0 final is out, but not now. One single thing at the same time.

Thank you, I'll look at your two other bugs soon.

Yes, tooltips are intended for sighted users only. The goal is to allow them to see the entire text of a too long item to fit on one line.
Maybe it won't stay there for long, for the moment it isn't ideal.

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64. Aminiel,


The beta has been updated ! Changes are in first post as always.

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65. YNWA,

When I go into the playroom on version 2 and do the same for version 3 I notice that v2 stands out more than v3. For those who have had some sight think of a white ceiling that has just been painted white and an old white ceiling that may have been damaged by cigarette smoke, that is the difference. For me it will just mean if I suddenly come back after drinking coffee or something I won't so easily spot PM's or warnings that the PR will reboot in 3 minutes so it is not a big deal but for others the changes will mean a lot more. Changing the size of print won't improve this.

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66. StormProductions,


The "Your inbox" dialog which helps you enter a message in the forum or on the inbox doesn't take into account the Windows 10 dark mode - it's still white.
Also, I hope with this version, translation requests will also be taken into account and we'll be able to translate the game into more languages.

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67. Aminiel,

The "Your inbox" dialog which helps you enter a message in the forum or on the inbox doesn't take into account the Windows 10 dark mode - it's still white.

Sadly, I don't think I can do anything about it. Those dialog boxes are standard.

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68. Nikola,

everything seems to work great in Reversi, thanks also for the sounds for tokens, this is quite helpful when quickly looking over the board and a great idea.
I noticed that the clicks when items are checked are back, but they only work in options, not where it would be most helpful, in situations such as Hearts discard phase or Cribbage.
Other than that things seem to be working great so far.

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69. Fawaz,

I don't know its only me, frequently i get this error when pasting: "QCGCWX30 Error dialog Failed to get data from the clipboard (error -2147221040: OpenClipboard Failed)"

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70. ArenseJurado,

Suggestion: I propose that a section be created on the web page to report the status of the server. Since if you have automatic login and it gives you a login error, where can you look at it? It would be great if you could look at it on the website, without depending on the client. Because there are also people who play through the web. All the best.

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71. Nikola,

the automatic login is actually smarter than that. If you encounter an error, after pressing Ok, it will be disabled and the next time you launch the client, you'll get the connection dialog as usual so you can correct the error if possible.
Nevertheless, the service status page is at
Mentioning this in case anyone still has WX webview issues. Personally for me it's still a hit or miss, sometimes it works great, sometimes the focus goes somewhere else. It works perfect when opening game rules with ctrl f1, but on the service status button it's mixed.
It would essentially be pointless to add this to the website as a link, since if the site / server is broken, you won't be able to access it anyway, same being true for the web client.
I'd assume the domain works on a different server.

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72. LiteraryProgrammer,

There are some people that prefer seeking audio streams. What if you add that feature, too?

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73. bash,

greetings, a nice suggestion for qc v3. show the people in the form- person, table, status. it would make character-limit expansion of status feasible.

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74. Fawaz,

after getting this error: "Failed to create connection to server 'QCGCWX30.sock' on topic 'QCGCWX30 .ipc': a client's attempt to establish a conversation has failed."
it wasn't connecting back automatically for me, had to kill the program from the task manager, it was stuck on the message.

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75. muhammad2112,

Hi, I try Version 2.99.34, and find some bugs.
• Left/right arrow keys now work to go to next/previous card suit, not't work for uno.
Sometimes there is a lag sound if you press the arrow quickly.
And if I press the up arrow or down arrow in the chat zone, Then the text I wrote lost.
Thanks, and hope the best.

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76. Nikola,

this never worked in Uno. In Uno, you can press shift C to sort your cards by color. This is primarily used for trick taking games such as Spades, Hearts, Jass, Belote and so on.

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77. Aminiel,


This message to let you know that the beta has been updated to version 2.99.35. Changes are in the first post as always.

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78. LiteraryProgrammer,

Thanks for considering my suggestion on version information using JAWS.
I have a few suggestions that can improve the early speaking of messages.
Since messages are delivered through sockets, it surely increases the time, and the messages are received soon they are available. When one is using an internet connection which's latency is low i.e. the responses are received late, it make it lag and take decisions late, too.
To resolve this problem, I request to introduce cache messages. For example, if the scores are not updated, the program reports the score from cache without asking from the server. Similarly, game options do not change through out the game, the players list remains consistent.
In other words, the program may use objects that hold values of various messages that are to be spoken. The sockets may monitor the incoming server responses and accordingly update the values of those objects. When a user activates a key i.e. request for a message, the program returns the value of that specific object.
This way, regardless of whether internet is slow, the performance may not be decreased.
However, it will not provide with the live, right information. So, this should be an toggling feature that one can turn on and off.
Moreover, it will save some server bandwidth.

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79. Aminiel,


This won't be feasible, as it would require a consequent upgrade of the server and the protocol.
Technically, the client is totally stupid: it has no game logic at all.

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80. LiteraryProgrammer,

I want to report a bug regarding Monopoly. When a property is bought i.e. the yes or no prompt is clicked and dismissed, Jaws still announces that it's there, whereas it isn't it. Tabbing through the windows and returning back to menu solves the problem.
Note, the problem doesn't occur always. When you press yess or no, and the option removes, it announces this. You can check with say line command of jaws.

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81. Nikola,

a minor thing, but it seems that the automatic login option is repeated in two places, both in general settings as well as security settings.
Also, do you plan to return the optional Sapi support?

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82. LiteraryProgrammer,

I would like to propose a method that can enhance navigation in menus. Currently, one has to use arrow keys to scroll menu items and manually hit the enter key to activate an item.
After this request is implemented, the players will be able to save their time navigating and playing more and more rounds.
Borrowing the concepts from both Windows Explorer and Context menus, I request to honor single letter navigation in all menus whether in the main room and its submenus or the options’ list that we bring using f2 and designating function keys.
Currently, this functionality is partially available in only the game selection menus. I request to implement it everywhere.
For example, rather moving to functions and more, why not press letter f and get to the right option? Similarly, when there is one option that starts with a single letter, why not directly activate the item instead of moving to it and requiring an enter key press?
For example, if I am in the main room and press letter c to go to create a new table, the program may check whether there is another item that starts with letter c. If it does not, it directly opens the create new table menu. Otherwise, it will keep on jumping to the items that start with a single letter, like we do on desktop. When in the create new table menu, pressing letter u will check whether there are other games that starts with the same letter. If not, it creates the uno table without pressing an enter keypress.
To make this functionality more consistent, the set access key option of UI control will be used. When one is on create new table option, it also announces the access key assigned. It should not be added to the menu item; rather, it should be implemented separately. So, if one has turned access key announcement to off in its screen reader settings, it will respect that setting, too.
The same functionality should also be present in the web app. If this functionality is added, the user productivity will definitely increase.

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83. Nikola,

Honestly, I don't really agree with that. RS games does that when it comes to activating an item as soon as you press a letter and I'm not a fan of that at all. Imagine in the online users list, you typically use letters to find somebody, you press N to look for me, but there's only one user with letter N online at the time, you had no idea that was the case and you just opened a context menu for that user by mistake, thus in fact slowing down the navigation as now you have to close it.
For the rest of your message, first letter navigation isn't available everywhere because of shortcut conflicts. This especially applies to games. For example, pressing S in a menu with cards doesn't make sense as you should hear the game score. First letter navigation works as you say in the games list, but also in the lists of users / friends.
It seems that at least in English the main room menu doesn't have any conflicts, but that may not be true in all languages. More importantly, the menu has 6 options, I don't think there's a huge speed change when navigating it either way. If it's possible though, why not, I'm only against activating items as soon as letters are pressed.
There is one area where this works like this, but here it's useful because speed plays a huge role, and that's the color selection when playing a wild in Uno. For the rest, whether you spend an extra second pressing enter or not doesn't really matter.

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Last edited by Nikola, Apr 18 2021 03:16:44

84. Aminiel,

@LiteraryProgrammer, @Nikola:

Letter navigation and auto-click on pressing the first letter are two already existing features.

Letter navigation is already working, but only in menus where it makes sense.
They aren't available in menus where there may be conflicts with single letter shortcuts.

Automatically activating an item when pressing its first letter also already exists, but again it's enabled only where it makes sense and where there can't be any conflicts with something else.
So you have it when choosing a color in uno, or when you need to answer yes or no, because what you are going to do there is obvious. Most of the time though, it's risky because you can select the wrong item, and so is preferably better disabled.

I don't plan to add dedicated letter shortcuts for menu items that are possibly different from the first letter, as you may find elsewhere in windows.
Most of the time, letter navigation is sufficient, and there's the problem that the shortcut letter may need to be different depending on the language.
Note also that I'm totally unable to check what are screen reader preferences, so can't do something or not based on them.

No, SAPI5 won't be back in client 3.0. Anyway, it was quite badly implemented, and quite rarely used. In fact it's almost useless nowadays if you look at it well:

  • IF you are blind or partially sighted, you have installed a screen reader anyway, and so you don't need it. In the worst case you have Narrator on windows 10.
  • IF you are sighted, you don't need it.

Note that Narrator is quite incomfortable to use as present, because history messages aren't read automatically. If someone knows how to make that working, I would be happy to do it. Even stackoverflow doesn't know !

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Last edited by Aminiel, Apr 18 2021 07:14:42

85. LiteraryProgrammer,

Thanks for responding to this. I understand your point regarding the navigation and also support Nikola's view on friends' list; however, it will be useful in game selection dialog to open a gme on a single letter.
What if you also impleament backspace key to go back in mainroom menu? I mean some prefer this and some not.

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86. girmit,

Hello, Requesting admins to consider this usability feedback:
In the previous versions, whenever we focus to the history, we are focused at the end of the all message. In this version, the present message gets focus even the new message appear. For the low physical effort, I would suggest to add a go to recent message button that exist in telegram or whatsapp or any other social platform chat applications. Thanks.

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87. supanut2000,

I totally agree; I just gave the new beta a try and yep when tabbing into the history the focus is no longer on the newest message. I'd like the old behavior of the focus being placed on the newest message to be restored.

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88. James_Ketchup ,

I actually like it though. Let's say you're playing a game like uno with many game notifications and you were in the middle of reading something. It makes it easier to resume from where you left off. I feel like it should be an option that could either be turned on or off

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89. Nikola,

Hey Aminiel,
that's exactly why I talked about Sapi support, I had Narrator on Windows 10 in mind. At present as far as I'm aware there's no API to do this like with NVDA or Jaws, but it was possible to use the Playroom in combination with Sapi. Sapi would read incoming messages while your Narrator voice would read the GUI itself.
There were some issues, namely there should be a feature to silence Sapi with ctrl just like in some other games, but overall I don't think it was that bad.
I understand if it's not a very high priority though, the percentage of users who do this is quite low anyway.

In regards to history slowdowns, I don't think that is what is causing problems here, but we'll see after testing this beta. I rather believe that after a while, the client starts using a lot of memory, not sure why though, perhaps it has something to do with loading of the sounds, which can make it slow down quite a bit on computers with weaker configurations.

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90. LiteraryProgrammer,

I request to add this game to the playroom, too.

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