Two new games for a great day

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1. Aminiel,

Hello all,

Today is a great day, since I'm celebrating my 30th anniversary.
However, I, am going to give you a present; a present for the whole community.

I have the great pleasure to tell you that, not only one, but two, new games will be released during this month of October 2018 !

Get ready for the effective release day. Clues about the exact date and time of the event, as well as, of course, about the nature of the upcoming games are going to be discretely spread on the next days.
There my even be exclusive previews to win for the most schrewd of you.

As I'm writing to you all, I would like to say thank you; thank you everybody.

Thank you to helpers, who are always there to help people, as well as watch the platform day after day so that it stays alive and comfortable.

Thank you to translators, who make essential work behind the sun, and which the playroom would be inconceivable without it for entire communities.

Thank you to quiz validators and correctors, who feed that game continuously beside those who send questions.

Thank you to those who made donations, either they were more or less frequent, or more or less generous. Thank to them, servers can keep running.

Thank you to my colleegues administrators, who are also there when things are getting hard or in case of technical outages, as well as for coordinating the other teams.

And finally, of course, thank you all, the community of the playroom in its entirety
Since 8 years, thank to you, thank to all these moments of emotion, these moments of joy or cry all shared together around a table, that made the playroom what it became today and what keeps it becoming even stronger and stronger day after day.
Without you all, there would have probably been already a long time that your well beloved unique developer would have lost all motivation.

However, yes, everything isn't perfect; some bugs are still resisting to our analysis; there are so many requests that we can't realise them all as we wish; and the vagaries of life make certain things to arrive so late.
Despite everything, we still are all there; all together we are giving our best so that the better stays for ever.

So, once again, thank you all; thank you everybody.

And stay tuned!

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2. RadioPierpaolo,

Yeah! Thanks Aminiel for this opportunity to play two new games! I'm very excited!

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3. Nikola,

Happy birthday to you, Aminiel! I thank you for developing such a great platform, and for not abandoning it despite several difficulties, both technical and in life. This platform has connected many of us, allowed us to make new friendships, play games, and most important, have fun. Thanks also to the helpers who sometimes need to deal with really hard situations, to translators which do a fantastic job to make this platform globally known to everybody, to quiz validators which keep such a great and fun game going, and to everyone else who helped Aminiel to achieve this, and in my opinion, it is the most successful and popular gaming platform for blind people. As you have said, there are bugs, things not yet implemented, but you always gave this platform for free, and did a very good job on addressing such bugs when they are reported on here. Just yesterday, playroom had SSL issues, I was about to report them but they were quickly noticed and fixed. I hope you will have success with the playroom, but also with your life. You are a good developer, with great skills and when a feature is implemented, you know in which way it would work the best for your users. Looking forward to the new games, and as always, I know they will be unique in some way.

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4. RadioPierpaolo,

Happy birthday and I agree with you Nikola!

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5. Adventure-Time,

Happy birthday, Aminiel! Playroom has with no doubt become a part of many people's life including my own, and regardless of the future plans, I'll never forget the amount of fun and great time I have experienced as a member of the community. Your playroom allows us all to build new friendships and create connections with people all around the globe. I myself would hardly get to know so many great fellas if playroom didn't exist. Furthermore, playroom opens access to the constantly increasing list of various interesting games of all kinds. Thanks to your work I actually found my passion towards card games. I can only speculate if I'd ever have the chance to touch such games like belote, jass or 6 takes without discovering playroom first. Thank you for never giving up and maintaining this platform, no matter of the frustrations and difficulties along the way. Thank you for listening to our feetback, dealing with bugs and making playroom a wonderful place, always for the very low price of free. Of course my big thanks also belong to the current and past members of the staff, helpers, translators, validators and ducks. Thank you. I'm stoked to try the two new games already.

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6. bogdanmuresan,

Happy birthday Aminiel.

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7. Fawaz,

Hey, Happy birthday!

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8. Mohammedradwan2003,

happy birthday ameneal, and agree with evrey comment here. and i am waiting for the 2 new games, i love this plat form , i have been playing hear for 4 years now. and this is the best plat form and first plat form i entered and did da lot of friends from, thank for creating it

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9. sound2,

Hi, a happy birthday. Hope it has been a good one. Can't remember when I first joined this place, but my virtual stay has been interesting. Am curious to find out what the new games will be.

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10. Ramon-Salazar,

Happy birthday to Aminiel

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11. Vojvoda ,

Happy birthday

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12. pilote,

Happy birthday????????????????????

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13. MuhammadHajjar,

Happy birthday to you, and deeply thank you for your obvious efforts in maintaining this platform and keeping it running always as smooth and as good as it is now. Thank you, for the good games, along with the communication techniques in this platform you've brought us which made us constantly enjoying in our daily lives. And again, happy birthday to you, and looking forward to those 2 games you've mentioned.

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Latest edition by MuhammadHajjar, Oct 1 2018 21:39:17

14. Fiery_Krrish,

happy birthday.

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15. bloodsharp ,

happy birthday to you! i really like the games you have on here

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16. Aminiel,

It's time to give you the first clues about the new games !

The first game is a board game (#1) where you will have to make use of strategy in a medieval context.

And about the second game:

At this point I have to add a special precision because I have an english language issue.
"Jeu de société" and "jeu de plateau" in Franch are both translated into "board game" in english. I hope you will be able to make the distinction with the following explanations. If you are native english speaker, perhaps you can suggest better appropriate and distinct wordings.

Good luck.

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17. Riad,

Happy birthday although I'm a bit late :D. Why do I get the feeling that the first game is an Age of Heroes sort of thing? I frankly prefer board games over card games so it seems that I'll stick to these two games once they're released.

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18. Cristina ,

Happy birthday Aminiel!
Thank you for all the nice things you've brought in our life creating and maintaining this great platform.

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19. Nikola,

Nice clues, leave me to think that those 2 games can really be almost anything, let's see what will happen. I had a feel for age of heroes too, but then I'm not really sure if that's it.

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20. Mohammedradwan2003,

why the eternal second still beta

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21. RadioPierpaolo,

I would like risico please!

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22. Adventure-Time,

Hehe. The translation issue with "board game" made me to recall one of our French lessons at school. Anyway, not sure about the first game, but the second one could possibly be a game which is known in my country as City Palermo, wordly as Mafia. Just a random guess though, it can be really anything and it's great.

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23. Nikola,

Yes, I am honestly very curious about the second game, as it seems to be something entirely different.

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24. LaraStardust,

perhaps table top game? rather than... board game?

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25. musiclover,

happy burthday

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26. FloydLawton,

is it werewolf?

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27. Vojvoda ,

man don't get angry

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28. musiclover,

i think its fishing aces

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29. Riad,

Fishing aces turned out to be The Eternal Second at the end, but either way it's a card game so it will not count among the two new games. It was an April joke after all if you remember, but now it's something serious :)

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30. ImperialShocktrooper,

happy late birthday. sorry i couldn't say that earlier.

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