Client 3.0 for windows is now official !

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31. Mortem,

I'm very happy that you'll be moving in a direction where arcade games can be written by other people, and will hopefully be able to contribute with games of my own if that happens.

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32. James_Potter,

Hi there. since I updated the beta everything is strange. if I change for the views it the client sais
$view2, etc.

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33. Marina,

@JamesPotter that must be because the translation files are corrupted or missing.
You can re-install the client, and better to check the checkbox that says reset all user settings just in case to prevent any bugs resulting from any old configuration settings.
The translation should work fine then.

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34. Fawaz,

Hi James.
That is also caused by the missing translation files.
reinstalling the client should fix it.
good luck.

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35. rmcpantoja,

question Have you ever thought of updating the inno setup to the current versions?
I say, because the installer has a pretty old version.

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36. Aminiel,


The latest 3.0 installer is compiled with InnoSetup 6.2, it is up to date as far as I know.

However, all previous installers were made with InnoSetup 5.13 or something like that. I completely forgot to update it until very recently for the 3.0 official release.

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37. florianionascu7,

Hello, congrats for this update! It's a nice work.

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38. StormProductions,


Very well done!

I'm sure we've all been looking forward to this version, and here it is!

I know I've asked this countless times before, but will anything be done about translating the Playroom into multiple languages? I am still available to help as much as I can, considering that I don't have to go to school, I am at home all day and I have a lot of free time.

I hope that one day I will be able to help players who don't speak English or other languages supported here, thus growing the Playroom community.

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39. samrat_kc,

congratulations!!! requesting to make a android app also for this game.
and if possible, then please also add voice chat feature also in this game.
it will make our experience much better.

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40. Sergielin,

I at least expect that the web version would be improved some day.

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41. bash,

hey, while sending messages in a permanent thread, I get this error: OK
Warning: Unknown: write failed: No space left on device (28) in Unknown on line 0

Warning: Unknown: Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (/var/lib/php/sessions) in Unknown on line 0
but the messages are actually sent, no issues with that.

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42. Sergielin,

I have the same issue. And I can't open Spanish Tea Room, my conection is closed and reopened.

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43. Aminiel,


Three weeks after the release of version 3.0 and more than 5000 installations that seem to have globally happened successfully, I announce you that, from now on, update will progressively become mandatory for all users during the next few days.
Those who kept a beta 2.99.x will also have to update.
The only exception is those who are still stuck under windows XP, because they can't take advantage of version 3.0.

Those who already are using version 3.0 can download version 3.0.2 so to have a correct braille following in the history. Update from 3.0 to 3.0.2 is currently optional, as it isn't a major update.

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44. YNWA,

Pity you made it optional because I can't download the update now so I am stuck with the message do you want to download the ... the problem is if I tried to download the update it would not download . There is no box to tick to say do not ask me this question again because as you say it will still be fine if not downloaded. Over time it will become annoying...

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Last edited by YNWA, Sep 30 2021 12:12:01

45. Nikola,

so when activating the install automatically button nothing happens?
That's quite strange. Normally, a dialog should appear with downlload progress. Otherwise, install manually button should just open a download in your browser.

If nothing works, you can always just manually download the update either from the quick links section of the website, or directly at

The quick links section does still say that it is version 3.0.0, but the actual file is up to date and you will download the correct 3.0.2

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46. YNWA,

You get the option of download, Manually or download later. It was the same for the Beta version. I select download and it downloads but when it goes to the end it kicks you out of PR and when you enter the PR again you get the same question. I could see the Green on the screen to tell you a download is in progress but no Pr.

When I was in 2.9 and it asked me to download the new 3.0 version there was no problems.

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47. StormProductions,

I had no trouble upgrading. I did see the progress, and after the download finished, it kicked me out of pr, and the setup of the new version started.

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48. laila.ali,

hi please i have big problem with last upgrade of playroom ,so i back to use old version which is made for windows' xp and vista ,iam windows' 7 but today playroom refuse work with old version when i click upgrade later it not work and disappear ,so i have to upgrade it ,but the problem it not work with short keys ,for example when i press b it not add bot ,when i press q it not make me leave game and so on many short keys not work ,so why playroom force us to upgrade ?? what is solve for make short keys works in new version ??? if there are no solve so please let old version work and not disappear

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49. Shiara,

Hi. Finally I can read the history with the braille display, so thank you so much for taht! :)

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50. Nikola,

just a small report.
If you were previously online on the Windows client, and then you reconnect from the Web client, for example you want to switch from your PC to your phone, before the connection is established, you get this:
Unknown command: proposeUpdate, arg=100 0

It doesn't happen every time though, and after this message the connection is successful.

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51. No-Time-no-Musume,

@ Nikola

Not sure if that's related to reconnecting from one version to another. I just got it as well, and I just connected to the web client from my phone, without being connected at the desktop client before for at least few hours. But otherwise it does nothing, it just makes me wonder why it is there. :)

Connecting... (
Connection established
Unknown command: proposeUpdate, arg=100 0
Welcome to the playroom, version [19.09.2021]. 154 players are connected at the moment.

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52. samrat_kc,

@Aminiel sir, do you have any plan to designning a android play room app and add voice chatting feature also on this software?
because these are the very Importent step for us.

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