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1. Aminiel,

Hello everybody,

In this topic, you will find information about updates and work in progress since 27 October 2012. The equivalent topic in french goes back to 7 january 2012. Many people in the french version read it and find it useful, so I think it was the time to translate it. You will find below the 3 latest posts, first of these were posted on 27 October. Next upcoming posts starting from now will be online allmost in the same time (or at least within the same day) in french and in english.

Updates listed here may not be sufficient important to be subject of complete news on the home page, but they still give sufficiently good information for you to know, so that you can see what's going on day after day on the playroom.

Work in progress are volontarily vague information about what we are preparing for you in the next few days, weeks or months on the playroom. This can be viewed as a sort of spoil.

If you want to discuss one of the topics mentionned in these reports, please create a separate discussion in the suggestions category. Thank you very much.

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2. Aminiel,

Update of 27th october 2012 :

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3. Aminiel,

Important announce: playroom and forum rules have been updated, especially concerning the rules on using foreign languages on the platform. You can read the updated rules on the topic playroom and forum rules.

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4. Aminiel,

Update of 10th november 2012 :

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5. Aminiel,

Update of saturday 15th december 2012

This is the last update belonging to v1. The next update will be for v2.

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6. Aminiel,

Update planed on 15st of february for the v2 beta 1 :

Server news :

Games news :

Client news :

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7. Aminiel,

Update of 18 april 2013

Server news :

Client news :

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8. Aminiel,

Update of 3rd May 2013

Server :

Client :

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9. Aminiel,

Update of 9 june 2013 :

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10. Aminiel,

Update of 8th july 2013:

Minor update of 11th july 2013 :

Update of 14th july 2013:

Update of 17th july 2013 :

Update of 9th august 2013

Update of 9th august 2013

Update of 26th august 2013 :

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11. Aminiel,

Updates are now again posted each separately on their own, as before.

Update of 2nd september 2013

Server updates

Important web client update
If you are participating in web client beta-testing, you should come back and test it again, many things have been added or modified since your last visit. IF you have a smarphone, a tablet, a mac, a PC under linux, or any other device potentially able to go on the web, if you are interested in being able to play on the playroom using them, and if you are serious and precise when reporting bugs, you are invited to beta-test our web client. Send us an e-mail to apply for that, please don't post on the forum.

Updates on the web client :

iPhone news :

We didn't tested these gesture features on android phones, neither on tablets. Please give us feedback, whatever for a tactile device you have.

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12. Aminiel,

Update of 8th september 2013

Update of 9th september 2013

Update of 12th september 2013

Update of 21th of september 2013 :

Minor update of 28th september 2013 :

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13. Aminiel,

Update of 26th October 2013

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14. Aminiel,

The web client is now compatible with some newtworks which were previously known to encounter some problems.

Technically, the web client now connects on port 80 via a secondary IP address.

Thank you to jeremyp3 who found the solution to this issue.

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15. Aminiel,

Update of 23rd and 24th november 2013

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16. Aminiel,

Update of 25th december 2013 :

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17. Aminiel,

Update of 18th January 2014

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18. Aminiel,

Updates to 407 of 15th to 18th february 2014 :

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19. Aminiel,

Update of 4th february 2014 :

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20. Aminiel,

Update of 8th March 2014 :

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21. Aminiel,

Update of 21st April 2014:

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22. Aminiel,

Update of 8th of june 2014

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23. Aminiel,

Update of 22th of June 2014

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24. Aminiel,

Update of 2th of July 2014 :

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25. Aminiel,

Update (server) and (website) of 25th July 2014:

Server updates:

Website and web client Updates:

More info about the new feature « use browser speech synthesizer » :

Some browsers, such as Safari on OS X/iOS and Google Chrome, have recently integrated API allowing websites to use a speech synthesizer provided by the system to make annnouncements vocally.

By enabling this feature, incoming messages on your table will be immediately read by this synthesizer if it is available, instead of relying on a automatic reading by the screen reader. There are pros and cons to do that:

This feature hasn't been tested on Chrome but should also work. You will find this new option in features and more > web options.

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26. Aminiel,

Update of 14th August 2014 :

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27. Aminiel,

Update of 25th of October 2014:

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28. Aminiel,

Update of 15.11.2014

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29. Aminiel,

Update of 29th November 2014

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30. Aminiel,

Update of 24th of January 2015 :

Update of the website :

Thank you to Ling, who helped with her eyes to solve these two issue.

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