Launching chess game !

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1. Aminiel,

Hello everybody,

As the tittle suggests, the playroom include now a chess game !

However, please note that there wont never be any bots to play with. Chess player machines need much more power as my server has, even for moderate difficulty level. So you will have to play with true humans... but it's finally not so bad, isn't it?

You can also play la scopa in teams. _Rules of la scopa has been modified a little to conform a bit more to common conventions.

After game news, I should also not forget the new forum. Do you have a question, a suggestion, a bug, or simply mood to discuss ? Let's go to the new forum.

Have fun !

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2. kelwin,

How do you play the game. i know how to play chess but how do you move the chess men in the new game.

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