Christmas update with new games: yahtzee and reversi

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1. Aminiel,

Hello everybody,

Many things happened since last post. A punch of good news arrive for christmas !

Last year, Santa brough you the monopoly. For this year's christmas, two new games appears: reversi and yahtzee. But there are also other news ! Keep reading:

  • Yahtzee: a popular dice game where you have to make the best combinations you can with your rolls. Rules will be online later.
  • Reversi: return all tokens of your opponents to your side before they do the same ! Rules will be online later.
  • New function: you can send an alert message to connected administrators by pressing F2. That's especially useful to let us know of abuse.
  • Minor functions have been added in existing games, such as Shift+S to know how many other people have in their stack in poker. When somebody is kicked from a table, the information is now also shown.
  • Many bugs have been corrected in existing games: bouillabaisse display bug, jass bug in undertrump, ...

The admin team wish you a merry christmas, have fun on the playroom !

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