Client and server version 1.7

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1. Aminiel,

Hello everybody,

Today is an update day for the client and the server. The update of the client is optional. It means that you can continue to connect and play in the playroom with version 1.6 of the client, but you wont get some of the latest features.

Server and games :

  • Bots in Connect4 and Reversi
  • New Reversi rule: capture obligation
  • New menu showing all connected people with Ctrl+W.
  • Confirmation before quitting a table during inter-rouns

Client :

  • Removal of the music and new audio streams manager
  • Adding client artificial intelligence
  • Options dialog box allowing to choose the screen reader and the output sound card to use. Open it with F4.
  • Confirmation before exiting the playroom with Alt+F4

Happy gaming on the playroom !

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2. sheanola,

how do i download the program successfully

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3. Aminiel,

This news is completely outdated. The latest version of the client is 2.0.6; you can't use previous versions anymore.

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