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1. Aminiel,

Hello all,

Today, the web client is modernizing, as well as the whole website.
This is the first part of a bigger and more ambitious update, which, we hope, will follow before 2018.

Main changes to the web client:

  • Equally as in windows client, a real history as well as channels and views are now also available on the web client
  • 3 volume levels are now settable: music/streams, normal sounds and notification soudns; last ones will make sense later
  • Improved stability of speech with VoiceOver, on Safari iOS, Safari MacOS and Firefox iOS
  • Improvements for Firefox and Crhome PC (windows and linux)
  • For sighted people, a few disposition/display options are available
  • Definitely stopping support of Internet Explorer 6 to 10, which was anyway quite compromized
  • Removed reading mode with browser speech synthesis, which was anyway quite limitet, and now low interest since speech is better managed width VoiceOver

General changes on the website:

  • You can now choose your timezone, date and number format, under options>display options. This also affects dates displayed in windows client, most notably on forum and permanent messages
  • Improved input help and nickname autocompletion in web forms
  • Various CSS updates

Our team worked well for this update, but we don't have all possible configurations that you can have as users. There are certainly still bugs. WE invite you to post them here in case.

Thank you for your collaboration on bug reporting, and have fun on the playroom!

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2. Nade,

Saw this post too late when I had already posted mine :D however, great changes (if the bugs I talked about get solved). Best of luck.

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3. Nikola,

Hi Aminiel, There are some major bugs, and here is my testing performed:
Chrome and NVDA
When I connect, even though I always play in English, the language is French. This is not a problem at all as i can easily switch it with shift plus f3, however a major bug follows:
Live regions seem completely broken. Pressing w, reading chats, nothing works.
Options: The options menu has the following:
Language: Works with no errors.
General: Can't be activated with enter. I've tryed to simulate a click, and that seemed to crash everything.
Audio: Same as general.
Display: Gives undefined: desktop1 not selected, and an option with no label.
Channels and views: This just gives options labeled undefined undefined not selected. This might be due to a language change, though the same happens when I switch it to French.
Privacy: Works as expected.
Restore default configuration: Does nothing when activated.
You've also left 2 options, by mistake perhaps called debug and switch layout, which both seem to not do anything.
To conclude,I will test more games and other things besides options, but live regions seriously need addressing for this to be functional at all. For people who aren't too technical, the experience you get on the web client would be the same one you would get on the windows client when pressing ctrl f5.
I've noticed a few other things like each item saying not selected and sound being a bit glitchy, though the second thing is most likely due to my pc being a bit weak.

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4. Aminiel,

Nicolas, try to clear cache and temporary files. Does it still persists ?
ON which OS are you using chrome ? Windows, Mac, Android ?
On windows it seemed to work pretty good for me...

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Last edited by Aminiel, Nov 15 2017 22:44:17

5. Nikola,

Hi, clearing the cache fixed page up and down to work correctly. Still though, channel options are all undefined. Perhaps you forgot to translate them? I can use them and they do work, they just have no names and the only way you can use them is by memory from the windows client. Also, any message that is supposed to be read automatically isn't. Just to clarify, this is with chrome on windows and NVDA. I've tested android as well, though that needs some more testing.
edit: Here is the error related to views, it happens when i try copying a view or saving it. Impossible d'accéder au presse-papiers

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Last edited by Nikola, Nov 15 2017 23:02:44

6. Aminiel,

edit: Here is the error related to views, it happens when i try copying a view or saving it. Impossible d'accéder au presse-papiers

Yes, I know it. Browsers are very annoying with clipboard, and in many cases it doesn't work. I can't do much about it.

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7. Nikola,

At least ctrl plus space to copy does work. What about the options being undefined? I've tryed it with edge as well, and for audio options which don't work at all in chrome, edge playes the sound called ding.m4a.

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8. Aminiel,

Still though, channel options are all undefined. Perhaps you forgot to translate them?
I can use them and they do work, they just have no names and the only way you can use them is by memory from the windows client.

This is now fixed, as well as all undefined labels

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Last edited by Aminiel, Nov 16 2017 09:16:33

9. Mazdak ,

Wow, this is damn quicker than main client, thanks Aminiel. Hopefully those bugs people said will be improved soon.

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10. Nade,

Tried clearing cache and even cookies to see if it would log in finally in english but perhaps not. Also I don't know if exactly a bug but the language albanian (Shqip) still apears there on the web, not once you are in the web client, simply the website.

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11. Nikola,

Hi Aminiel, the options do work a lot better now. I think you spoiled the big surprise of v3 in the audio settings :) in any case, it should be changed to duck instead of duke as duke is something entirely different. Also, the sound priority is normale instead of normal. As for bugs, it is interesting that live regions still remain broken and I don't know if we could somehow debug them. Interesting that on Android they do appear to work with a slight issue, as i get a message when accessing general options that they aren't available on this browser instead of nothing like windows. Also, the client still connects to French by default which makes reading English forums from it impossible. Thanks for the update though, it's using real lists now and once it gets polished i'm tempted to try uno with interceptions on it as it's already as fast as the windows client, and it's just those live regions that aren't so alive now :)

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12. Mazdak ,

Why it doesn't give us any notification when we are doing something? For example, when I'm adding a bot into my table, it doesn't say anything and I should see it from the history menue, it doesn't give an automatic notification for anything such as the main client.

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13. Nikola,

Yes, that's exactly what i meant. Those are spoken by using live regions, at least they were before. Glad i'm not the only one facing it.

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14. Aminiel,

The mentioned spelling error is fixed. I'm afraid that you will still ahve to wait to see what you think on the web; it will first be only for the windows client, as it is much more complicated to to it on the web.

The language switching problem should also be fixed now. You must probably clear your cache and cookies.

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15. Nikola,

Yes, i understand about that surprise on the web. I was even surprised to see it there as I don't expect you to do those games on the web at all. It should theoretically be possible with all new APIS, but you would have to use a totally different code from the windows client. The language doesn't seem fixed, but i'll make sure before giving definite conclusions.

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16. Rudolph-The-Reindeer ,

I still can't change my language to english.

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17. Aminiel,

Now it should be fine.

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18. policeman1,

the old design tend to be much better unless this going to be improved.

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19. Rudolph-The-Reindeer ,

Now there is another problem, when you are on a game and press f10, it shows you optitem0, optitem1, optitem 2, 4 and 3. I don't know if the order matters, but what matters is that the actual option is not being displayed. Also if I try to read character by character it is in the last one, not in the first as supposed to be. The other options show up correctly.

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20. Mazdak ,

The language issue has been fixed, but that problem I've already told is still up, even by clearing cache and data.

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21. Rudolph-The-Reindeer ,

Another bug. If I write something at a forum and I press escape, it still shows me what I wrote but when I press enter again to continue writing it's blank, and the text is not shown only in one line, I don't know if that's normal because when I was using the windows client it was so there, but here it shows at different lines and some words are cut. Yes, the languages are now fixed. Btw when pressing enter to read the comments on the forum is not working.

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22. Nade,

Whenever you restart the web client or log in again the view settings are back as before so it needs to be all set again, still when you log out you have the menu of the tables instead of the reconnect button.

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23. Nikola,

This new design is definitely going to be much better once it's given enough time. Once it's polished, it will feel just like the windows client with some exceptions. Taking a look at the issue of reading messages is I believe the major problem now. Also how are you supposed to swithc views if alt left and right arrows in all browsers go back and forward?

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24. Nade,

With alt1, alt2, alt3...

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25. Nikola,

It's nice if that works, and perhaps it does but without auto reading it's honestly annoying to figure out to what did you switch.
Edit: I was actually wrong. The views do read when you switch with alt and numbers, and now since the language is fixed that works well. One question: Previously, the web client could intercept some shortcuts that it can't now. Pressing ctrl plus w closes the current tab in chrome, and for some reason now there is no warning that you will leave the page like before. Also, why are general options unavailable in my browsers and which browsers do they support if any? Doesn't work on android or windows. One part of this new website that works extremely well is the nickname auto completion. Will we ever get that on the client if possible? Also, I think it should prioritize our friends when giving suggestions as we're most likely to message them.
The update is awesome though, and long life to the playroom and Aminiel! Thanks for all this work you do completely for free.

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Last edited by Nikola, Nov 16 2017 17:41:33

26. Nade,

You can set what to read if you press f10, there is an option for that... But it resets whenever you log out and in.

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27. Nikola,

I understand, though that's not exactly what I ment. The issue is, at least in chrome that nothing auto reads no matter what you set. You create a table and press b, you will hear nothing. The same when you press w, or any shortcut that's supposed to read. I've also edited my previous message to include some more info.

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28. Nade,

Yes I think chrome is not the best friend of playroom. I test it with mozilla.

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29. Nikola,

I've tryed mozilla too and I get same results so i don't know what is wrong. Will try installing jaws today as i believe Aminiel uses it to see if it works better, though back when i tryed it jaws wasn't as good with web apps.

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30. Nade,

Also when you log out from the website it does not redirect you to the log in site. There is an error and you should return to the previous page to make it work.

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