The Playroom and its future

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1. Aminiel,

Hello all,

IF the playroom exists since more than 5 years, and is a wonderful project which now works thank to solid administrator, helper and translator teams, it hasn't been always so in the past.
IN particular, you certainly know that the programming and development of the platform still are on the shoulders of a single person, myself.

In September 2010, when I opened the playroom for the first time, I was still a student. At that time, it was obvious that the playroom had to be only an amateur project exclusively developped during my spare time, just for my own pleasure and of course yours.

In 5 years, my personal situation has changed a lot. IN April 2015, I successfully finished my studies in computer science at master/MSc level, in an excellent school which is often said to be one of the 20 best in the world.
With this important step of my life so achieved, come naturally the question of what to do next; and, in particular as you have easily understood, which place to give to the playroom.

The playroom and its success that I couldn't ever have imagined at its first release, has brought many thigns to me: a sum of practical knowledge that we can't directly learn at school of course, but also a lot of human relations, and some basics in team management.
However, I must come to the obvious: a real, stupid, terrible, sad and nasty truth is that, I don't earn my bread with it. I must thus, as anyone else, find a job, which will bring me satisfaction and allow me to live an independent life.

At present, I haven't found a job yet. After almost one year, near from an hundred applications, and about ten job interviews, I feel that I stand about, that I don't make any progress towards an hypothetical job I'm still waiting for.
One must be honnest: ammong 100 candidates of which one blind, the diploma looks nice, but with distinctives competences which nobody care about, in occurence digital accessibility in my concern, all employers will take one of the other 99: nobody has time to understand that, yes we work a little differently than other people, yes it needs a little more adaptation and efforts, but that yes we can obtain as good results as anyone else and sometimes even better.
Getting slowly disappointed about job finding, I have more or less decided to start new projects on my own; even if I don't measure very well yet consequences of what I'm considering to do, I have the impression that it's the only way to really begin my active life.

Let's come back to the playroom: who says beginning a job or any other project says also necessarily much less time to devote to something fundamentally free and amateur (even if, one can easily say it, the playroom became a semi-professional project because of its size)
I made the playroom born, it's my baby and for nothing in the world I would like to abandon it; I love it, and I love you; but no need to lie to ourselves, given the circunstances and what is probably going to happen to me, I will certainly have much less time for it as I could have had in the past during my studies when the story began.

Don't worry, I will still stay present despite everything: major bugs will still be fixed, and I will still come from time to time to socialize and play some game with you; but from now on, you should no longer expect consequent breaking news; the release frequency of new games and features is going to fall down quite a lot.

More concretely, what is going to change for the teams and for players?
IN fact, not that much; playroom will of course stay available; the most visible change will be the absence of important news; but for the rest, it will continue as it is currently.
We obviously don't change anything to the good mood and to the game rounds going one after the others on your favorite platform! Long live the Playroom!

your Aminiel

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2. keyWasFull,

I am glad that you will still be around to do periodic maintenance on th eplayroom and hope that you can find a good well-paying job so that your hard work in school pays off.

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3. evalinde,

Hi aminiel, I was afraid that you were going to write that the playroom will stop, I'm so glad that that's not going to happen :) I hope you'll find a job soon and I understand that you will have less time for the playroom.

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4. Cristina ,

The most important is that you've made a good job creating this platform and all of us should be thankful for this.
Unfortunately we know how the things are all around world and everywhere are many unemployed people.
But there's still the hope, what nobody can take it from us. Smile

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5. Dayan ,

Long life to playroom, not to corruption.

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6. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Work hard, then you'll see the results. The playroom is a good platform, but ban for random reasons is corruption and unfair. Thanks for spending your time writing this text

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7. YNWA,

Yes it goes back to the old debate on jobs. Aminiel you are not the first excellent programmer that I knew who did not get a full-time job in the field that they are most tallented. In the end my friend worked in the Prison service head of braille translation so hardly computer programming. He wrote programs like you for the blind and created The Talking Teletext as one example amongst many in days when we could not get the internet.

I do have one idea for you that is possible but that would be up to you and it could make some money. That would be to sell some of these games as standalone games that could be sold via the RNIB for example. It would also bring more publicity to this network as many don't know it here in England. I know they do sell some specialist games for the blind but they won't be as good as they are here!

Of course if your time is taken up by work you could hardly spend hours and hours creating new games and that is obvious. There are many games here now so people can hardly say there are very few games here and little choice.

All I can do now is wish you the best of luck!

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8. Raki,

First of all, thank you so much for all your work with this playroom over the years; it's appreciated by many.
Congratulations on your studies and best of luck with you're future.
Oh and, there is no place for talk of coruption here, it's francly stupid and doesn't make sence.

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9. felipe-martinez,

Long Life to Playroom

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10. ahmadalmahdi,

Hi Aminiel:

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about QuentinC's Gameroom it's really good Platform and I hope that it'll be available for A Very Long time

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11. sound2,

Hi, wish you luck with finding a job. And thanks for all your hard work with the playroom it's appreciated from my side. I do think the idea about selling each game on its own, is a good one, but it's up to you. Regards.

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12. BhavyaShah ,

Dear Aminiel,
You have played an integral role in the evolution, popularization, widespread usage and overall progress of the QuentinC's Playroom, and I would also like to personally thank you for your continued work and development on the same.
I also wish you the best of luck in finding a job that satisfies you, and in which you can be productive, contributive and an environment where you are treated with indiscriminate equality.
I have just one quick suggestion to make, getting back to the Playroom client's future development - would you mind making QuentinC's Playroom an open source project, so that the community, a part whether small or big, of which has programming knowledge, can contribute code in order to maintain Playroom with as much as regularity the programmers of the Playroom community might be able to render, and also so that Playroom could transition from the currently single-handed project (developmentwise) to an autonomous and automated workflow.
I guess reviewing code contributions and merging them might be a bit less time-consuming or tideous a work for you as opposed to writing the same yourself.
Best wishes for your future, occupation, professional and personal life, and may you continue making a difference in umpteen lives as you already have through the Playroom!
Best Regards,
Bhavya Shah

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13. console,

I have been here for around 4 years, and I would say this is the best platform for me.
Guys, we might have disagreements at personal level, but bringing this up here is not a good idea. We have to understand that although there are some admins and helpers who contribute sisably to playroom, it is ameniel who has with the little amount of free time he has, has succeeded in constructing such a wonderful international gaming platform.
It is because of ameniel that we are able to raise our voice against things we do not like.
You have done a great job mister ameniel, and I hope you succeed in getting a wonderful job.

I support the idea of bhavya about making the platform open soursed, so that development pertaining to programming and adding new games could be unstoppable as before.

The best I like about playroom is, of course, I think you have guessed, the free table!

Yes sir, its a wonderful idea that you came up with. This is what attracts people like me who are not so much into game to playroom!

I hope tremendous success in your personal life.
Wishing and hoping the best for you, Soundarya

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14. sound2,

I agree with soundarya on this. I find the ability to create a free table most attractivd.

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15. Exink,


I as the other guys, wish you the best of luck in order to find a job eventually, although it can seem to be such a hard task to meet. And it's true, being a blind person can be a reason for discrimination among the sighted people, because they think we are unable to do some things like they do. But, my mother has said me this and I want to quote it if you don't mind: "You the blind people are able to do the things that the others do and even better". So we have to demonstrate it to the whole world to succeed and to show them that they are and were wrong if they think of us in this way.

I guess that if you had become the playroom into a paid platform, you would have more money right now, however you thought of the people who are unable to pay for a simple can of soda if it's sold online if they live in some countries from Africa, if they aren't allowed to use a credit card or if they don't have one in their hands. Certainly that's a nice gesture from you as the developer and creator itself.

You have done great things for the Playroom: we have more games than any other online platform, we can play all of them without needing someone else to read us the screen, and this is like a small blindy Facebook. In case of you think about leaving it down, just remember those happenings. I'm glad this is not the case at the moment, but my words are just like a small reminder.

And there's something else to take into account: the more you hold blows, the stronger you become and the more things you learn. Just i wish you can get a job soon, and I am thankful for making this possible, because thanks to the Playroom, I've met a lot of wonderful persons which maybe I could never find if the playroom didn't exist. No, did I say I've met? Oh sorry, my english is too bad because I made a grammar mistake; I wanted to say "we met a lot of wonderful persons";).

I believe that in order to show my gratitude for this, I will make a donation the day I am above 18 and I get some PayPal account or something; fortunately this date is not too far away from today.

So, again thanks for creating such a great social gaming platform, because this way you also can demonstrate to everybody that we also can play, chat, and why not? Meet different people without needing stupid emogis or abatars as the others do.

Hopefully you can get a job soon!

Best regards,


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16. balasana ,

I've been on PR for about a year, have met so many amazing friends across the globe who shared my zest for games and my other interests, or simply just enjoy hanging out and having a good time. Before I noticed, PR has become part of my daily routine. You constructed PR on your own, it's beyond my grasp how many hours you have put in for the last five years, yet from the kindness of your heart you offer it free-of-charge to all of us. All these are nothing short of inspiring to me. Thank you Aminiel.
I can totally relate to your frustration. one of my blind programmer friends told me that the digital world has become increasingly visual, only because producing pictures or videos is becoming ever easier and more affordable with smartphones. But logic still remains the backbone of programming. Aminiel I'm sure there are employers out there who will be impressed by this excellent platform you built. It's just a matter of finding them. hang in there and I wish you all the best.
-Balasana a

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17. sopralto,

I wish you the best of luck in finding a job, and I thank you for creating this platform that has given me the chance to meet so many wonderful people. Before QC, I had very little contact with blind people at all, and it was something I didn't realize I missed. There are people here I can imagine being in my life always, and for that, I thank you.

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18. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Thank you for taking your time with this great platform. Yes, we may have disagreements, but whatever, this platform is great. And I'm sincerely encouraging you to continue development, good luck with finding a job that satisfies you.

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19. musiclover,

this is amazing ilike it

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20. MRMagenta,

Long life to playroom And I hope that you may find add leest small teem of programmers that will help you with playroom so we may not be disagreements about Our only developer have less time or I hope that this will never happe work for un other. And I want you the best of luck.n, that our only developer must abandon th

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21. each-and-everythinh ,

hello aminiel
I joined playroom in april of 2015 and since that , i really had an amazing experience at this platform. I meet so many new friends , so i just like others would like to thank you a lot for this platform. Playroom is one of the games i play the most and i really like it. Wish you good luck in finding a job. Best wishes to you in your future , be as happpy as much as i am with the playroom.

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22. Vojvoda ,

I also wish you to be as happy as i am with this amazing platform, and awesome administration. I love all people here.

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23. MRMagenta,

I am here from 21th dec, and This platform has get me all that I want accessible facebook, accessible games and That is the most inportant, Accesseble communitations with normal people and also the free forum wich is giving me apertunity to share my thinking and wants with others and helping this platform. I hope that this will stil be on the web in til internet gon for ever wich means all time. Lol But again long life to playroom, and long laff to all members of this comunity.

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24. york,

Best wishes to you, and if you haven't found a job yet, know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank you for putting this wonderful platform up here.

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25. His-girlfriend ,

Hello. I am in playroom actually from the beggining of it's existance and I find this platform the best ever. From the very beggining I fell in love with playroom and I am very faithful till now. I really enjoy all idea and I think you are a great, strong and clever person, you must be, as you managed leading all that for so long time, while working with so many different people from different cultures and with different temperaments must be absolutely insanely difficult. I admire you for that and I want to thank you publicly for all your effort and to wish you good luck in all your life plans!

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26. Yohsikkuhk-StandingFlower,

yes it is tough for us blindfolks to achieve in the sighted world. honestly theplayroom iswonderful but have you ever thought of separating adolescents from adults?

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27. Dayan ,

Why to do so? Everyone can interact with everyone, the fact of being adult doesn't make us to be different than adolescents, maybe just in how mature we are, but, there are immature adults, and mature adolescents, so what?

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28. Slavista,

Wanted to wryte something about that, but everything has been said by Naday so it's not necessary.

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29. player01,

I think I speak for us all in saying we have and do enjoy the playroom and what it stands for. Jobs out there are scarce for us, but I sure hope you achieve major success. You have given many of us an opportunity that otherwise may have never been presented, and for that, I want to extend a hearty thanks. Best of success in the future, and may Gods's blessings richly bless you.

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30. laila.ali,

hi ..iam not good in english ..but i want thank u alot for this playroom it is best playroom i saw because i use very diffcult heavy screan reader and although of that my screan reader can deal and play here and can not deal with another playroom for blind i hope for you best in finding work ..god give you soon

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