Game rules

Reversi is played in a grid of 8 rows and 8 columns, numbered from 1 to 8 for rows and from A to H for columns, like chess. The goal of the game is to have the most tokens of your color as possibl at the end of the game.

Course of the game

At the beginning of the game, one put 4 tokens in the central squares (D4, D5, E4 and E5).

Each players at his turn puts a token of its color on an unoccupied square. One can only play in the squares horizontally, vertically or diagonally adjacent to squares already occupied.

The principle of the game, from which its name comes from, is to return or reverse your opponents' tokens so that they become yours. This is possible by surrounding a serie of enemy's tokens by two of your own.

The game ends when the entire grid is full. The winner is then the player having the greatest number of tokens of its color on the board. The game is draw if the number of tokens owned by the players is equal.

Returning or reversing tokens

When a serie of ennemy's tokens are surrounded by two of your tokens, meaning when, by putting one of your token on the board, you are forming an horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, such that the token you have just put is at one end, that one of your tokens is at the other end, and that an unterrupted serie of tokens owned by your opponents are in between, so then are the in between tokens returned and become yours. By analogy with chess, one can say that tokens are captured that way.

Returning lines are neither permanent nor retroactives. A return operation must always be triggered by putting one of your tokens at one end of a surrounding line. So, if someone puts a token between two of yours, nothing happens, the just put token remain to its owner.


Allow to skip turn

This rule explicitely allow to skip volontarily your turn (by pressing P key) even if one was able to play. With standard rules, nobody never skip his turn.

Mandatory capture

This rule says that one is always obliged to capture at their turn. Otherwise said, you must always play on a place where returning operations can be triggered; playing at a place where nothing can happen is forbidden. One skip their turn if such a move is impossible.

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